Hello, my name is Skyleaf. I love seeing in the morning kids coming to school, and on the way they always give me huggles down the road. I breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen for the humans. Lots of insects come and visit me and live in me. There is lots of wildlife that I see every day like Freia the fox, Birdy the bird (he is a blue tit), Gary the grey squirrel and Hatty the hedgehog at night. The future is depending on us trees, but people are cutting us down. I would like more insects living on me.

Skyleaf’s story was written by Evie H, aged 9

One thought on “Skyleaf

  1. This is a beautiful and moving project. Exasperating to see the lengths the City of Edinburgh Council will go to roll out their tram project, and the needless environmental cost.


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